Our Spark savings accounts are exclusively designed to help you save and increase your wealth. These innovative online products offer market-leading returns. Spark Savings focusses on providing secured returns, by making your accounts simpler, transparent and more importantly, accessible from anywhere at any time.



Spark Savings Account

Uniquely designed business model to provide automated daily returns on your regular savings account with up to 8% p.a.*

*Subject to our Terms and Conditions

Spark Fixed Deposits

Increase your money’s worth passively by investing in Spark fixed deposits. Our fixed deposits offer the industry-leading rates of return with returns of up to 16%p.a.*

*Subject to our Terms and Conditions.


Spark Recurring Deposits

The easiest way to start the habit of saving on a regular basis is through recurring deposits. We offer recurring deposits with industry-leading rates of return of up to 15% p.a.*

*Subject to our Terms and Conditions

Pay Bills & Recharge Online

Presenting the quickest way to beat the queues. All you have to do is have the details ready to be entered for your bills or recharges to be made. We work with recognized and authorized bill pay partners to help you manage your monthly expenses.