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Fixed Deposit

Recognise true capabilities of wealth

Invest in Ayshwarya’s Fixed Deposit. Enjoy up to 18% Interest rates.

Long-term investments demand smart planning of wealth. Ayshwarya’s Fixed Deposits can earn you up to 18% interest rates. High yielding interests both on a monthly and yearly basis, for the new, richer you

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Every Finance planning have uncertain occurrences of hurdles, especially when they are long-term. Fixed Deposit (FD) can always be considered as a better-off option than other finance instrument. Theses FD’s can be locked-in for 1 month or even 1 year. Ayshwarya Syndicate’s Fixed Deposit offers you up to 18% interest rates.

With Ayshwarya’s Fixed Deposit, you choose between various tenure schemes and interest rates respectively. Our finance products go hand-in-hand with every finance plan modules. No fixed tenures in our Fixed Deposits. No waiting for quarterly returns. Get returns on your FD investments, even on monthly basis.

Enrol to a savings or a business account through our app, SPARK IN to be eligible. We do not demand hectic paper works. Easy compliance. Minimum Documentation. No breakthrough in the middle. Minimum lock-in of 1 year.

Unbelievable Interest rates

Install our app Spark IN. Enrol for Savings/Business account and get Fixed Deposits eligibility. We offer flexible tenure schemes. Attractive Interest rates. Up to 18% for yearly tenures and up to 12% for monthly tenures.

Monthly Interest Payout

Ayshwarya allows you to choose between monthly or yearly payouts. Unlike others, we encourage every finance plans. We empower investments fairly to its fullest potential. Enjoy up to 18% interests.

No minimum commitment

We do not impose any restrictions on minimum lock-in funds. You get to choose investments according to your planning. Every penny invested with Ayshwarya will yield you returns, whatsoever!

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