Spark Business Accounts are provisioned for transaction management and payments, while businesses focus set on more important aspects like business growth and expansion strategies. The Spark business suite of products target increased efficiency of cash flow management, seamless conversion, and expansion into untapped customer bases.


Spark Current account

The Spark Business current account is designed to help businesses thrive. Our Business Account is an effective current account for your business that can make all the difference. We offer the lowest daily minimum balance and up to 2%* rate of returns.


*Subject to Terms and Conditions

POS – Card Swiping Machine*

We work with partners to supply POS machines to our Customers and Clients that help them collect payments easily. Our POS services are accessible to customers with Business Accounts. When coupled with our Business Account platform, our POS offering allows customers to track transactions in the fastest, safest and most secure manner.

*Subject to Availability


Spark Payment SDK

The Spark payment Software Development Kit can be integrated in quickly and efficiently. It can be integrated with our Customers’ interfaces, offering payments enabled on both the web browsers and mobiles apps for seamless payments and transaction tracking.