Zero Balance Business Account: SeamlessBusiness Transactions

What is Business Account?

A Business account is normally used by business entities in order to carry out their banking transactions. Therefore Ayshwarya’s Business Account is easy and simple. We offer benefits that will help you carry out Business Transactions smoothly with our zero balance Business Account. Here are few of the many advantages you might as well like to incorporate into your Businesses

  • Ayshwarya’s Zero Balance Account
    Be free from tensions of inconsistence cash flows because We partner up with businesses. To help them grow through addressing such issues. One such important feature is our zero balance Business Account.
  • 2% Interest rates
    We are  offering your Business revenue, the growth it deserves. So enrol toAyshwarya Syndicate’s Business Account and enjoy up to 2% Interest benefit.

Seamless flow of Business Transactions

There is no point in having a strong Business model that generates good revenue until you can process all these payments quick& on-spot. Breakthrough the time-consuming barriers to Ayshwarya Syndicate’s Business Account. Process payments and transactions at your fingertips.

  • Unlimited Transactions
    Enjoy Unlimited Transactions through Ayshwarya Syndicate’s Business Account. There is no restrictions so as to the number of transactions we allow onto your Business Account. No charge ceiling for any number of transactions.
  • Segregate Business from Personal Financial Transactions
    The most biggest advantage to have a Zero Balance Business Account is that it always creates the distinction between your Business and personal Financial Transactions. hence its a unique account with us.
  • By recording all Business Financial Transactions, we help you to evaluate the Business financial position so that at any point in time. For example, a strong personal income will be confused with growing business revenue.
  • Professionalism
    Having a zero balance  Business Account always indicates seriousness and professionalism.Enhance the perception of your clients/customers right away with a secure Business Account.


The first step toward setting up a Business Model is necessarily having a smooth transactional Business Account.


Ayshwarya Syndicate does just that!

Start to Spark Up your Money with Ayshwarya Syndicate Credit Co-Operative Limited so what are you waiting for

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