Digital Money

The advent of technology has disrupted every sector. The finance sector undoubtedly being on top. However this domain has always been complex to address and build solutions. Now having said that, ‘Digital Money’ being the catalyst of newer innovations, finance sector has taken a new direction.

Addition  the last decade, India is undergoing major shifts in the finance sector , all thanks to ‘Digital Money’. India’s financial sector has kept pace with innovative breakthroughs. In terms of regulations, availability, and delivery of products.

Online Transactions: The breakthrough!

Initially, when ‘Digital Money’ was considered ‘insecure.The RBI reduced internet costs and increased awareness stood as fundamental pillars to enable anywhere, anytime. The  features paving the way for seamless online transactions and payments. Through considerable investments made in digital infrastructure, the ‘brick and mortar’ banks have rapidly started to embrace features like mobile wallets, virtual cards, and digital transactions.

These end-to-end services are also made easily available through devices like mobile, tablets and laptops. By doing so, Customer satisfaction is considerably improved as ‘Digital Money’ is not confined to time, geography, documentation or other hurdles that earlier took a greater toll. Here are the important benefits that customers can enjoy.

  • Convenience – Paperless and Branchless
  • Availability – 24/7 online transactions
  • Security – Robust e-KYC

Digital Account: An overview and advantages

Long gone are the days when you have to commute to and from a bank branch for transacting or withdrawing cash from your account. In today’s fast moving world, a Digital account with features like online transfers and payments have helped customers to easily access their money, simply within few taps.

Ayshwarya Syndicate’s Savings account yield up to 8% p.a. interest rate on your savings. Moreover, you can transact and manage your ‘Digital Money’ conveniently on-the-go with our app Spark IN

Let’s look at some of the unique advantages you can enjoy with our Savings Account.

  •        Quick Digital access to money
  •        Zero Balance Account
  •        Daily credited Interest
  •        Free Money Transfer
  •        No maintenance charges
  •        Load money from any bank
  •        World-class Security
  •        Easy Documentation


Savings is not rocket-science, provided you choose the appropriate financial tool. With up to 8% interest p.a, which is credited EVERYDAY to your Savings account, there is no smarter choice for your savings.

Ayshwarya Business account: Endless Business Possibilities

Not only personal banking. The businesses  can harness digital accounts to initiate and keep a track of important transactions on the go. ‘Money’ being the controlling factor of any operation, the possibilities of a digital business account is endless.

Ayshwarya Syndicate leverages robust technology to provide a secure digital interface to transfer and receive money, to store cash in a digital Business Account, and streamline business transactions. Here are the key features and benefits of Ayshwarya Business Account:

  •        No Minimum Balance
  •        Up to 2% p.a. interest
  •        Instant free transfers
  •        Schedulable Bulk Payouts
  •        Instant Pay-ins
  •        Intuitive Transaction Management
  •        Granular Transaction Tracking
  •        World-class Security

Furthermore Ayshwarya Syndicate aims at delivering these services with strong futuristic collaborations. And  creating a win-win for both customers and business owners.

It’s time you take up the smarter opportunities that actually can help you grow your wealth. This is your best chance to realize true wealth growth, in fact every single day.

Ayshwarya Syndicate Digital Money

Business owners, tension-free transacting is the first step towards shifting your entire focus on business growth and strategies.Let us handle the entire transacting spectrum – the smart way, the Ayshwarya Syndicate way!


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