1. What is a Fixed Deposit?

Fixed Deposit (FD): is a financial instrument or simply another financial service, that offers more interest rates compared to a savings account.

FD’s are considered the safest form of investments. Depending on various finance institutes. FD’s can be locked-in from 1 month to 10 years of time.

Best interest rates on investments


We understand the uncertain occurrence of situations, be it business or personal and that’s why we have an exclusive solution for your long-term financial planning. Presenting to you, Ayshwarya Syndicate Fixed Deposit. We offer up to 18% Interest, on our Fixed Deposits. You can avail this by enrolling in a Business or a Savings Account. Before you go ahead, here are some important factors to get you started:

2.Important factors of FD

  • Fixed Deposit (FD) Interest Rates are not affected by the ever-changing economic status of the country.
  • Make a better decision to lock-in your money at up to 18% Interest rates per annum us.
  • Choose to enrol on monthly basis at 12% interest rates or yearly basis at 18% of interest rates.
  • Most Important Ayshwarya Syndicate does not impose any specific terms, we want to cater to all kinds of investment plans.
  • Although we ask for a Business/Savings Account with Ayshwarya Syndicate to enrol for an FD, we let you choose among the various tenure schemes. To adjust to market risks especially when planning for a long-term basis,  Ayshwarya’s FD is the best of the choice you may consider.
  • With a minimum lock-in of 1 year, Ayshwarya Syndicate lets you choose the tenure but without any breakthrough in the middle.
  • Off the record, we always advise investors to choose a long-term tenure they can benefit from compounding when the maturity is higher.

Always have your Finance Smartly, but Securely planned!

Enrol for Ayshwarya Syndicate FD today!

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