About Assccl

Started its operations in the year 2017 as a co-operative society which primarily deals with financial services like Health Insurance, savings account, current account and fixed deposits mainly in Karnataka and Maharashtra. Also helps in saving and growing your wealth in the fairer way without confusing with complex financial terms. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a beginner Ayshwarya Syndicate Souharda Credit Co-Operative Ltd always helps the people invest in better and clear options with powerful financial investment tools. Invest Safely to get high returns on Savings Account: Up to 18% Current Account up to 6% Fixed deposit Up to 18%

The best thing money can buy is financial freedom

What you always plan for your future is always an security with financial freedom with savings, get a bank account could be a great way to start out. A habit of saving will assist you to win money freedom since you'll be ready for emergencies, in addition to ensuring the long run that you just need. so as [...]

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Earn More with Fixed deposit

  Everybody loves money, don’t you agree? While a lucky few turn into millionaires overnight, others opt for more conventional ways, such as saving and investing money. A Fixed Deposit is a savings scheme where you deposit a principal amount for a fixed tenure with high-interest rates. Once the Fixed Deposit attains maturity, you will [...]

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Penny saved is a Penny Earned

            Few people know so clearly what they want. Most people can't even think what to hope for when they throw a penny in a fountain. It's time to think about your savings when you are getting extra then what actually you use to get Change the way see the [...]

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Customers will not have to pay any transaction charges for payments through debit card, BHIM app and other payment made for up to Rs2,000 from last  Monday onwards.Last month, union cabinet approved a proposal that government will bear the merchant discount rate (MDR) charges on transactions up to Rs2,000 made through debit cards, BHIM united payments interface (UPI) [...]

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What Is your Choice Liquid fund or a savings account..??

The liquid fund is a type of Debt Mutual fund. It invests in instruments like treasury bills, certificate of deposits, commercial papers, government securities, inter-bank call money and term deposits. The maturity tenure of Liquid Funds is less than a quarter.   Savings account have been people’s favourite when it comes to accumulating [...]

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