Ayshwarya Syndicate Souharda Credit Co-operative Limited, or simply “Ayshwarya Syndicate”, was established in the state of Karnataka in the year 2017 with a vision of bringing about financial inclusion through innovative paperless digital financial products and services. The foundation of this ethos is the word ‘Ayshwarya‘​, which is derived from Sanskrit, and which means ‘Prosperity‘​ and ‘Wealth‘​.

Ayshwarya Syndicate’s mission is to empower every citizen towards a financially secure future by creating a network that is built on the spirit of self-assistance and co-operation. We look forward to building strong partnerships with individuals – to help grow their wealth by providing access to high return products, as well as with organizations – to help connect and grow their own financial products. Ayshwarya Syndicate believes that, by doing this, both ends of the partnership can yield greater returns and grow together.

Ayshwarya Syndicate believes that a robust implementation of technology is the way to achieve its mission of reaching people in all parts of the State. Through Our user-friendly and secure app “Spark, customers can become a member of the Our Co-operative and create an account within minutes. Our objective is to provide easy access to financial services with easy document submission and robust compliance. Additionally, our business account customers can easily track and manage transactions through our easy to use, secure business portal.

Our Mission

  • To promote financial inclusion;
  • To help clients and customers create, manage, and maintain wealth; and
  • To create and extend financial inclusion through innovative financial products by leveraging our cumulative industry experience, the implementation of cutting edge technologies and the provision of key services. We see customers as key business partners and hence, we succeed only when our customers do.

Our Vision

To create a wholly technology-based ecosystem to help customers grow their wealth outside of rigid banking channels.

Our Values


Growing money in a fairer way


Treating everyone’s money equal


Financial inclusion for everyone


Achieving financial wellness together

Registration Details

Ayshwarya Syndicate Souharda Credit Co-operative Limited
(Reg. No.: GRB/RGN/SOWKA/06/4695/2017-18)